How To Make Delish Cheesy Chimichurri Mushrooms At Home

How To Make  Delish Cheesy Chimichurri Mushrooms At Home
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Jan 2023

Love all things mushroom, spicy and cheesy, and oozing with flavours to make your senses get really hungry? We bring you a recipe that'll help you make a mean delicious cheesy chimichurri mushroom dish at home to enjoy while you watch your show on Netflix or share with your loved ones.
How To Make  Delish Cheesy Chimichurri Mushrooms At Home

What is Chimichurri?
Chimichurri is a lip smacking sauce from South America. It is made with fresh parsley, garlic, spices, and olive oil. This chimichurri sauce can either be a green or a red one called chimichurri verde or chimichurri rojo, respectively. The two key ingredients that make this sauce are fresh parsley and hot chilly. This South American delicacy could in fact have its origins in the Spanish Chirriburri sauce. And we all know why this happened? European colonialism of course.
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Quick Tip: This spicy chimichurri sauce generously drizzled over a bed of mushrooms works as a great finger food that you can enjoy with your aperitifs and tipples.
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Here's the quick and easy recipe to ace this dish in no time.
How To Make  Delish Cheesy Chimichurri Mushrooms At Home

250 grams of large button mushrooms
100 grams grated cheese
20 grams of palak or spinach, washed, blanched and tossed
Half teaspoon black pepper powder
Half a teaspoon oregano flakes
Half a teaspoon cool flakes
Salt to taste
How To DIY The Dough
1/2 teaspoon maida or refined flour
10 grams of garlic powder
5 gram white pepper
Salt to taste
Go - To Ingredients For The Chimichurri Sauce
30 grams of fresh parsley leaves
3 - 4 cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of fresh or dried oregano
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
20 ml white wine vinegar
5 grams of freshly crushed peppercorns
A dash red cool flakes
Pinch of salt
How To Chimichurri Sauce
Chop parsley, oregano, garlic finely.
In a bowl, combine chopped parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, red chili flakes.
How To Stuff The Mushrooms
Wash the mushrooms under running water and remove the stems.
In a bowl, combine the cheese, blanched spinach, chilly flakes, oregano flakes, salt, pepper.Mix well to get a coarse mixture.
Fill the mushrooms with 1 teaspoon of the mixture and put them in the fridge to harden for 5-10 minutes.
Spread the breadcrumbs on a flat plate.
Mix flour, garlic powder, white pepper, salt in a bowl.Add water and mix to make a smooth dough.Dip the stuffed mushrooms into the batter.
Coat the stuffed mushrooms with breadcrumbs.
Heat oil in a wok until it is quite warm and deep fry the mushrooms in batches until golden brown. Drain the mushrooms on a plate lined with kitchen paper or kitchen paper.
To serve, add dollops of mayonnaise, tomato ketchup or a dip of your choice on a long dish.
Place the fried stuffed mushrooms in a dish and drizzle chimichurri sauce on top. Serve hot and fresh with a delish dip of your choice. Voila!

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